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Longer Articles 

Why Employee Ranking Systems Lead To Disaster 

Ranking employees against each other is a recipe for disaster. It's worse than doing NO performance management an NO appraisal. 

Why Ratings Based Appraisals Fail  

Rating systems to evaluate employee performance are the most often used, and the most abused method of appraising. Not as bad as rankings, but doomed most of the time. 

Ten Stupid Things Managers do To Screw Up Performance Appraisals

Title says it all. How many of these do YOU do?

Seven Stupid Things Human Resources Departments Do To Screw Up Performance Appraisals

A must read for human resource resource professionals and those in personnel.

A Different Approach to Designing A Performance Management System. 

Here's' a unique approach to designing a performance management system. Put the employee in the driver's seat. 

How Do You Know If Your Performance Appraisal System Needs Fixin? 

Here's how you know if your performance management and appraisal system is a "waste of time and space". 

Book Chapters & Info 

Performance Management - Why Doesn't It Work

We provide an outline, and the introduction from our book Performance Management - Why Doesn't It Work.

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Performance Management (McGraw-Hill)

Our book is expected to be published in November, 1998. Stay tuned here for updates, details and contents! 

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